1956 Renault 4CV

 June 13, 2013

Offered for sale is an extremely nice and particularly rare 1956 Renault 4CV.  This car has been restored inside and out and is presented with a full documented history and an extensive library of reference material.   Until 2002 it has been licenced in both France (for over 40 years) and England (for approx. 5 years) before being imported into the U.S.

The rare combination of water cooling and a rear engine in Renault’s little 4CV was first presented to the public and media at the 1946 Paris Motor Show and went on sale a year later. On the 4CV’s launch, it was nicknamed “La motte de beurre” (the lump of butter); this was due to the combination of its shape and the fact that early deliveries all used surplus paint from the German Army vehicles of Rommel’s Afrika Korps, which were a sand-yellow color. Later it was known affectionately as the “quatre pattes” or “four paws”.The 4CV was initially powered by a 760 cc rear-mounted four-cylinder engine coupled to a three-speed manual transmission. In 1950, the 760 cc unit was replaced by a 747 cc version of the “Ventoux” engine producing 17 hp.

The car remained in production for more than another decade. Claimed power output increased subsequently to 21 hp as increased fuel octanes allowed for higher compression ratios, which along with the relatively low weight of the car enabled the manufacturers to report an 0–56 mph time of 38 seconds and a top speed of approximately 60 mph. The engine was notable also for its elasticity, the second and top gear both being usable for speeds between 3 and 62 mph.  Over time these cars have become increasingly rare and collectable in Europe and this rarity is increased exponentially in the United States.

This highly attractive and extremely well cared for automobile is offered with an extensive supply of spare parts and is located at our offices in Palm Harbor, Florida.



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